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9.1 based on 7663 reviews


9.1 based on 7663 reviews


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Do you want to cancel your contract with Virgin Media? We can do it for you! We will send a registered cancellation letter on your behalf with all the necessary information to cancel your contract. We will keep you informed during the whole process.

● Undeniable letter delivery proof. ● Save time and effort. ● Give us your contact information and we will do the rest!

Cancelling a service has never been easier!

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Useful information about Virgin Media
Cancel Virgin Media broadband online
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Useful information about Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a telecommunications and entertainment company that operates in the United Kingdom. It provides a wide range of services, including broadband internet, television, mobile phone, and fixed-line telephone services.

They offers the following services:

Broadband Internet:

Virgin Media is known for providing high-speed broadband internet services to homes and businesses across the UK. They offer various broadband packages with different speed options to suit different user needs.


Virgin Media offers digital TV services with a variety of channels, including entertainment, sports, movies, and more. They provide both live TV broadcasting and on-demand content.

Mobile Phone:

Virgin Media offers mobile phone services, including SIM-only plans and pay-as-you-go options. They also offer mobile phones and contracts with various data and calling options.

Fixed-Line Telephone:

Virgin Media provides fixed-line telephone services with different calling plans, including packages with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles.


Virgin Media often offers bundles that combine multiple services (e.g., broadband, TV, phone) into a single package, which can be cost-effective for customers who want multiple services from a single provider.

Please note that services and offerings may change over time, and new developments may have occurred since my last update. For the most up-to-date and accurate information about Virgin Media's services, packages, and offerings.

Cancel Virgin Media broadband online

When you join Virgin Media for Broadband, TV and Phone services you'll have two main options for your contract; fixed term, or 30 day rolling contracts. Find out more about your options and how to manage your Virgin Media contract in this article.

Fixed term contract

Varies by offer or bundle, but you’d agree to have services for 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 18 months or 2 years (a minimum term or period). If you leave before your minimum fixed term ends you’ll need to give us 30 days’ notice and you’ll be charged an Early Disconnection Fee for the remaining period of the agreed term.

30 days rolling contract

Renting? Or want to try our services with no long term commitment? Rolling contracts can be cancelled, changed or upgraded anytime with just 30 days’ notice because, when you join, you pay a flexi-fee of £45.

When does my Virgin Media contract end?

The end date is mentioned on your contract. And, 10 to 14 days before your contract ends, you’ll get an email or letter (the end of contract notification) to remind you and explain what happens next.

Cancellation fee

If you’re still in your minimum period, you may have to pay a cancellation fee. In some cases, Virgin Media may be able to credit this charge back to you. Virgin Media will let you know the full process, so you’ll only pay what you need to.

Virgin Media equipment

The Virgin Media kit is part of the service we provide, so they will ask you to return our equipment (including remote controls and power cables). They will either text or email you (from noreply@contactengine.com) to arrange an appointment for collection team to come round and pick it up. If they can’t collect it, they send you our free postal returns packaging. All you’ll need to do is pack up our kit and drop it off at any Yodel Store within 30 days of the disconnection (otherwise you may be charged).

What else do you need to know

You might also need to check:

• If you have Netflix as part of your package, you’ll be able to continue using it until the end of your subscription period on your final bill. Once Virgin Media stopped billing you, Netflix will let you know how you can pay them directly.

• If you have Virgin Media Internet Security (powered by F-Secure), your subscription is unaffected and will continue separately. You can contact F-Secure directly if you want to cancel, or they’ll be in touch when it’s time to renew.

• Any emails you want to keep from your Virgin Media email address, as this will close 90 days after your disconnection date. Just make sure you forward anything important to a new email address.

Reasons to cancel

The most common reason to cancel a subscription is to save money. The average consumer has so many subscriptions that this can lead to considerable monthly costs. Especially when you calculate how much a subscription costs on an annual basis, many consumers are shocked and immediately start cancelling expensive, unused and/or useless subscriptions.

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16.574 cancellations in the past 30 days - 4.421.562 total cancellations

Cancel immediately online

Enter the name of the organization

16.574 cancellations in the past 30 days - 4.421.562 total cancellations

Cancel immediately online

Enter the name of the organization

16.574 cancellations in the past 30 days - 4.421.562 total cancellations

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