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9.1 based on 7663 reviews


9.1 based on 7663 reviews


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Sky UK Limited, commonly known as Sky, is a prominent British telecommunications and media company. It offers a comprehensive range of services, including satellite television, broadband internet, and fixed-line telephone services. Sky is renowned for its diverse content, featuring a wide array of channels spanning sports, entertainment, movies, news, and more. They also produce original programming and offer on-demand streaming through their Sky Go and Now TV platforms. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and cutting-edge technology, Sky has become a leading player in the UK's entertainment and telecommunications sector, serving millions of customers across the country.

Not on your way to the post office? You don't have an envelope to hand and your printer's toner has run out again? You can't find the cancellation procedure on the Sky UK Limited website? No problem, we have a way! Use our letter generator, add your digital signature and we'll do the rest. Fast and secure, with guaranteed delivery!

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What Does Sky Include?
How do I cancel my Sky subscription?
Sky Mobile

What Does Sky Include?

Sky offers a variety of plans to fit the needs of everyone. They're an all-in-one company that can't be defined by a singular product or solution. The easiest way to break down Sky's services is by the product type, which can be defined into 4 categories:

  • TV
  • Broadband Internet
  • Fixed Line
  • Mobile Telephone

With the motto, "Entertainment Made Easy", it's no surprise that Sky offers package deals that bundle their amazing products together. As a customer, you can choose to set up your service using standard Sky Q devices or the latest Glass devices which provide you with a glass TV that has Sky connectivity built-in.

How do I cancel my Sky subscription?

If you've decided that Sky is not the provider for you, that's okay. Cancelling the service can be a little time-consuming. The cancellation process is slightly different for each plan, but the overall requirements are that you give Sky 31+ days of notice that you're wishing to cancel your service plan with them. Don't cancel your Direct Debit or any other ongoing payment, as further payments may still be due.

If you're within 14 days of the delivery of equipment, installation, or confirmation of agreeing to terms & conditions with a product, then you do not have to provide 31+ days' notice. However, you may have to pay a termination charge if you haven't met your minimum term and it's outside of your 14-day cooling-off period.

  • For Sky+, Sky Glass, and Sky Q, you'll be required to return all equipment within a reasonable amount of time, following instructions provided when your termination request has been processed.

  • If you fail to return Sky's equipment, you may be charged separately and receive a final bill.

What is the cooling off period?

If you're in the UK, Sky offer an enhanced cooling off period of 31 days, instead of the 14 days that's legally required. If you're in the ROI, the cooling off period is 14 days.

That means you have the right to cancel your order for TV services and any related equipment, any time up to 31 days (or 14 days if you're in the ROI) from the later of:

  • delivery;
  • installation; or
  • confirmation in writing of the relevant terms and conditions for that product (which includes making the terms and conditions available to you in My Sky).

Early termination charges

When you sign up to Sky Broadband, Talk, and/or Line Rental, a minimum contract period applies (also known as a minimum term). For most Sky products, the minimum contract period is 12 or 18 months unless otherwise stated.

A minimum contract period can also apply if you take up certain offers from Sky. In which case, they will tell you the minimum contract period before you accept the offer.

If you stop receiving or, where you’re permitted to, cancel a Sky service before the end of your contract (minimum term), you might have to pay an early termination charges.

Final bill

Sky payments are taken a month in advance, so you might still be billed for the full month ahead after your service has been cancelled. But don’t worry, once your service has ended, any credit on your Sky account will be put back in your bank account after 45 days.

Sky Mobile

You can cancel Sky Mobile at any time by requesting a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) or STAC (Service Terminating Authorisation Code) if you're switching to a new provider. If you're within your minimum term, then early termination charges will apply.

Your cooling off period for Sky Mobile lasts for 31 days from the date your order is delivered. If you bought your devices or accessories as part of a bundle offer, your cooling off period starts when the last of your items are delivered.

Effects of cancellation

Sky will refund all the payments you've made to us for your order, including your payment for the the least expensive delivery option, if you chose it. If you asked for your service to start during your cooling off period, you'll need to pay an amount proportionate to what we provided up to the point you cancelled, including any chargeable calls you've made. On cancelling, Sky also automatically cancel any related orders for equipment (including payment plans), unless you agree otherwise.

Returning equipment

If you cancel within your cooling off period, you’ll need to return your device and/or any accessories in their original condition, including any items that came as part of an offer (e.g. free tablet, discounted device). Once you’ve let Sky know, they will send you pre-paid returns packaging to send your items back in and you’ll have 14 days to return them. There’s no need to return your SIM though, you can just keep hold of it. You’re responsible for returning any equipment, unlocked (i.e. free of security or software locks, such as Find My iPhone or Google accounts), without undue delay and using the returns method provided.

If your return's damaged due to your handling, Sky will deduct an amount to reflect the equipment's reduced value from any refund you're due. It'll never be more than the amount you paid or any outstanding balance on your credit agreement.

Keeping your number

If you cancel after Sky asked for your mobile number to be transferred to them from another provider, you’ll need to get a PAC from Sky so that you can transfer it again. If you don’t, you’ll lose that mobile number. You can take your number with you and/or cancel your services with a PAC or STAC. See Request a PAC or Request a STAC below for more information.

If you're switching to another provider and want to take your number with you and/or cancel your services, you'll need a PAC or STAC. See Request a PAC or Request a STAC below for more details.

Your PAC or STAC lasts for 30 days. If you don't use it within this time and you still want to cancel, you'll need to ask for a new one.

Cancelling a data plan (early termination charges)

If you cancel your plan before the end of your minimum term, early termination charges will apply. To see if you'll owe us anything for the remainder of your plan: Text “INFO” and your date of birth (DDMMYYYY) to 85075.

Cancelling a pay monthly device or accessory

If there’s still an amount left to pay for your device or accessory, you'll need to pay it off or your monthly repayments will carry on. Or if you don’t want to keep the device, you can even send your device back to Sky and they will give you an amount for it to go towards paying off what’s left. This option is not available for accessories. You won't be able to return your pay monthly accessory for payment towards your outstanding credit agreement balance, as accessories are not eligible to Swap.

If you're switching mobile providers and you:

Want to keep your number - request a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) and give it to your new provider. Don’t want to keep your number - request a STAC (Service Terminating Authorisation Code) and give it to your new provider.

If you haven't given your PAC or STAC to your new provider or placed a cancellation notice on your account, your Sky Mobile service will carry on as normal.

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16.574 cancellations in the past 30 days - 4.421.562 total cancellations

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16.574 cancellations in the past 30 days - 4.421.562 total cancellations

Cancel immediately online

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16.574 cancellations in the past 30 days - 4.421.562 total cancellations

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